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Bad Bad Boy

This endearingly discomfited urinating statue commemorates the sneaky pees had by us all. 


As far as micturating statuary goes, Manneken Pis in Brussels has been the gold standard for an astonishing 400 years. However, Helsinki introduced a charming new entrant a couple years ago that is less whimsical little kid peeing happily, and more chagrined adult who did not intend for you to see this.

Standing 8.5 meters tall and sporting a surprised expression and an amiable blush, Bad Bad Boy was first unveiled in August 2014 in Helsinki’s East Harbour. Part of the Mutatis Mutandis exhibition of the work of artist Tommi Toija produced by Amos Anderson Art Museum, the statue original stood adjacent to ferry terminals and waterfront tourist amusements.

After the show closed in October 2016, the statue was moved to a permanent home in the city’s West Harbour, just outside the building housing the Helsinki Computer and Game Console Museum. Some photo angles might make it look like the statue is now being used to water a landscaped area, but don’t worry: It’s just pissing on the sidewalk.

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