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'Autoeater' is permanently closed.


In Midtown Atlanta, tons of marble appears to be devouring a Fiat Panda at this unique art installation.  


This somewhat bizarre sculpture was created by German artists, Julia Venske and Gregor Spänle. The mixed-media installation is comprised of around 16 tons of Italian Carrara marble and a 1980’s Fiat Panda.

In 2016, Midtown Alliance released a worldwide request to artists to propose a new piece of public art that would replace the “Rockspinner,” a 22,000-pound granite boulder that sat on a rotating base. Following an art committee review, “Autoeater” won the selection.

At first glance, the base of the sculpture looks as though it consists of a soft and malleable material that reveals the contours of the automobile: it appears as if  the Fiat Panda is simply wrapped in fabric, rather than being situated on tons of marble.

According to the artists, the piece references various pop-culture themes, having been inspired by the forms of cartoon characters such as those featured on The Smurfs. The piece also follows the prerequisites of minimalism; with simple lines, shapes, and in the case of “Autoeater,” a monochromatic hue. 

The publicly accessible sculpture is located on property owned by the Dewberry Capital Corporation. The corporation leases the park space to Midtown Alliance for just $1 per year. 

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