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Aqua Vita Farms is permanently closed.

Aqua Vita Farms

Sherrill, New York

Central New York's first aquaponic farm (Closed). 


Update: Aqua Vita farms closed in July of 2013.

Being miles from the ocean doesn’t mean you can’t have local seafood – just ask the folks at Aqua Vita Farms, whose 13,000-square-foot aquaponics facility in central New York provides fresh seafood and produce to nearby restaurants and retail outlets year-round.

The aquaponic methods used by Aqua Vita Farms embody key principles of vertical gardening and sustainable agriculture. Aquaponics combine aquaculture (fish farming) with hydroponic growing practices. Produce on this indoor farm grows directly from large tanks of water, no soil required. Conveniently, the same water that sustains the plants also supports the farm’s other major commodity, some 8,000 fish who provide the plants above with sufficient nutrients to thrive. The veggies, in turn, filter the fish’s water supply, making it available for reuse and eliminating the need for water changes. This symbiotic relationship, as well as the controlled environment, allows Aqua Vita Farms to raise food without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The 140-foot filtration and circulation system relies primarily on the gravity-induced flow generated by the structure’s vertical design. Because the facility is indoors, the farm is able to offer a wide range of products year-round without being limited by the changing seasons.

Visitors are invited to tour the facility and learn more about Aqua Vita Farms’ innovative approach to agriculture on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month.

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