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APEX Electronics

This stockpile of junked electronic and mechanical gadgets is a favorite among Hollywood prop masters. 


At APEX Electronics, one person’s electronic trash is another person’s treasure. The store is full of strange electronic and mechanical equipment. It’s a sprawling trove of junked gems.

The store’s owners have been amassing discarded electronic equipment for over 50 years. Their work has paid off: APEX Electronics is one of the largest surplus stores of its kind in southern California. It’s worth a visit for anyone with even the smallest inkling for backyard tinkering.

Both the inside of the store and its surrounding yard are stuffed with an assortment of used contraptions. You could easily spend hours sifting through its many, many shelves and piles of gadgets and still not discover it all.

While digging through all the second-hand items, you’ll come across expected finds like colorful wires, motors, antennas, and gears. Keep looking, and you’ll also discover vintage film reels, odd discarded military items, and even the occasional rocket launcher.

With it’s stockpile of unusual goods, it’s no wonder the store attracts an assortment of amateur rocket scientists and imaginative builders. It’s also a Hollywood favorite, as prop masters have been known to scavenge around for fun finds for movie and television sets. 

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