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Angel's Ladies Brothel

A brothel nestled amongst ghost towns, with an abandoned plane wreck to greet you. 


In Beatty, Nevada there is only so much to do to keep yourself entertained. 

With Nevada being a prostitution-friendly state, one of those things is enjoying the company of a lady of the evening for an hour or two. Angel’s Ladies may be in the middle of nowhere, but it’s easy to find—just look for the brightly colored sign promising all night truck parking, right next to the airplane wreckage.

Next to the brothel’s billboard is a twin-engine that has seen better days. An unexpected feature since 1978, the plane is sun-bleached and vandals have clearly had their way with it. If you’re wondering why the wreckage was never cleaned up or claimed, it’s because it’s already on the property of its rightful owners—the plane crashed during a promotional stunt by the brothel itself.

In what must have seemed like a good idea at the time, the owners of the establishment promoted an interesting challenge with a very naughty prize. A mattress would be placed in the center of a large star painted on the desert floor—if one were to parachute out of an airplane (airplane provided) and land on the mattress, they would be the lucky winner of a night with the lady of his choice, on the house!

Unsurprisingly, things went horribly wrong. Long story short, scantily-clad women plus distracted, inexperienced pilot plus heavy cross winds equal the plane plummeting straight into the ground. Luckily no one was hurt in the accident, and the clever owners decided that the wreck was enough of a spectacle to attract people from the road, so there it stayed.

The site is no longer a brothel, but people seem to live there so please try not to disturb them.

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