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American Science & Surplus is both an institution for geeks of all persuasions and a destination for families to discover their creative side. They offer a wide range of unusual and hard-to-find industrial, military, educational, and novelty items for the hobbyist, tinkerer, artist, experimenter, educator, do-it-yourselfer, and bargain hunter. Some say it’s bizarre stuff, others say it’s a treasure.

Customers have used American Science and Surplus items in robots, homemade cars, sculptures, precision instruments, homemade telescopes, costumes, dioramas, party favors, holiday decorations, jewelry and innumerable science projects.

In the words of the owner, “Our items are great gifts, inexpensive supplies, and an endless reason for a giggle or a “Gee whiz!” We take pride in our product selection and try to be scrupulously honest in presenting our knowledge of what we have.”

A trip to this store may find you completing their storewide scavenger hunt, taking in the amusing signs, purchasing a fun box mystery items, admiring the handmade displays and antique curiosities, or just chuckling over the unique variety of products.  You’ll never see everything in one trip, so be sure to allot plenty of time to browse this Milwaukee staple.

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