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Fantasy Dining Alice in a Labyrinth

Fine dining in the bizarre world of Lewis Carroll. 

Sorry, Fantasy Dining Alice in a Labyrinth is permanently closed.

This place is much more than a restaurant. It’s a labyrinth of storybook pages, followed by a stack of books that make you feel caterpillar-sized. You enter into the main dining room to see various scenes from the story: the hedges from the queen’s garden, a ceiling with enormous cards on it, and chairs in the shape of rose bushes. To top off the interior design, even the food is themed. Have an appetizer in the shape of cut-out cards and roses, or an ice cream dessert that resembles the Cheshire cat.

This restaurant provides an immensely entertaining experience. In addition, since there are so many types of decor within the restaurant (as well as an expansive menu), you can keep going over and over, having a new experience every time.