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'Alec the Goose'

St. George's Market

The statue honors a beloved bird that once roamed St. George's Market. 


“Alec the Goose” is a sculpture dedicated to a popular goose who used to waddle around this area of East Belfast in the 1920s. During his short life, the goose was a regular at St. George’s Market, as he belonged to a local poultry vendor.

The beloved bird is depicted with a young female companion because it’s said he used to walk the local schoolchildren to school. Tragically, Alec was hit by a truck one day and died, so perhaps his tendency to accompany children onto the street wasn’t the wisest idea. 

The statue was rather poorly received when it was unveiled in 2009. The Markets’ Development Association accused the Department of Social Development of choosing to splurge on the artwork instead of funding social and environmental improvement projects.

Know Before You Go

You'll find the goose outside the entrance to St. George's Market.

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