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This abstract sculpture once had a twin in Prague. 


The bronze sculpture “Abstrakce” (“Abstraction” in Czech), also known as “Abstraktní plastika” (“Abstract sculpture”), was installed in the year 1973 in Sítná housing estate. This piece of artwork was created by the Czech sculptor Miloš Zet (1920–1995), who was mostly known for his massive monuments and realistic statues. Yes, in this context it sounds a little bit paradoxical.

The sculpture Abstrakce was originally just a copy of older piece from the same artist, which had been erected in 1971 in Prague’s Vokovice district. However, this piece was later removed by local authorities, so the remaining sculpture in Kladno is the only one that can currently be seen. The sculpture in Kladno is 3.4 meters high, 0.8 meters wide (upper part), and extends 0.8 meters beneath the ground.

 Miloš Zet’s son Martin, who is also a sculptor, currently lives and works in a nearby town of Libušín, where he founded the Centrum pro současné umění (Center for Contemporary Art) in 1998.

Know Before You Go

Abstrakce is located in Sítná Neighbourhood, near the crossroads of Mostecká Street and Dr. Foustky Street.

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