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Abandoned Tunnels of Korčula

Korčula, Croatia

When Croatia became independent of Yugoslavia, the splintering governments left behind these concrete tunnels. 


After the Croatian War of Independence in the 1990’s, the military installations on the island of Korčula, now under Croatian rule, were simply abandoned and are now open for (dangerous) exploration.

While most of the structures are abandoned, some of them have been repurposed such as the building that is presently being used as an oil refinery, but only during short periods of oil production (not in the summer).

The main complex is big with several abandoned buildings, machines, rusting trucks, and other heavy military equipment. On the way to the entrance of the tunnel, there are also abandoned bunkers, hangars, and machine gun nests. At the coordinates, visitors will find the entrance of an abandoned military tunnel, which goes underground for several hundred meters (in complete darkness), maybe even kilometers. There are at least five entrances like this in the vicinity.

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Know Before You Go

Coming from Lumbarda, you come to the first crossroads where you should turn right (to the road leading uphill). After a while you will reach a parking place. From there it's just a small walk to the bunker.
Best is to bring a GPS, because here you will find the entrance:
N 42° 54.745 E017° 11.457

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