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Abandoned Jerome Post Office

On the outskirts of a reborn ghost town, a decaying post office remembers the bad old days. 


Known at one time as “The Largest Ghost Town in America,” Jerome, Arizona was once thought to have been lost to abandonment. The town has made a successful resurgence in recent years and is now home to a population of almost 500 people, a number of preserved historic sites, and an active artist community. However, its legacy of abandonment is far from forgotten. 

Sitting on the outskirts of the town, which has also been called “America’s Most Vertical City” (it sits 5,200 feet above sea level), is a huge post office building that is slowly mouldering into oblivion, no matter how much the town might be bouncing back. Visitors to Jerome come to see the many historic houses and artsy community, but they often bypass the crumbling hulk hidden not far from the town’s free parking lot. And it may be for the better considering that the aging building is probably super dangerous.

Nonetheless, some have dared venture to the rickety structure to observe the decay within. The lower floor of the post office is scattered with old lockers, broken ceiling pieces, and glass, providing access to a wobbly staircase that feels like it will collapse in from under your feet (which it might). The second story is equally, if not more, destroyed, with much of the ceiling fallen in. 

It may be wildly unsafe, and trespassing on the site is not recommended, but even from outside, the old Jerome post office is an impressive reminder of both how far a community can fall, and how resilient it can be.   

Update as of September 2019: The area is now in use by a mining company and only accessible if you disregard the “No Trespassing” signs. However, the building is visible from the road above that takes you to the Mine Museum.

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Once you get to the location labeled "Free Parking," simply park your car and walk about 1/4 mile up the road. You won't be able to see it from the edge of the road, but it's located right below the edge. Have fun!

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