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98 Prince Street

The infamous Boston Mob ran rackets from an office here in the 1970s. 


The office of Jerry Angiulo was bugged with the help of a bookie who had grown tired of Angiulo’s greedy ways as a Mafia leader.

He agreed to assist FBI agents in accessing the office on a cold night in January, 1981, where they set up hidden microphones. After four months of recorded conversation, the evidence resulted in the arrests of Angiulo and twenty-three family members, friends and businessmen for everything from racketeering to gambling.

One of the conversations was about something darker: the recorded conversation about murdering one of their associate’s girlfriends resulted in an attempted murder on the woman several years later.

Today, it’s just a quiet street in the North End…or so it seems.

Just a few doors down at 92 Prince Street, another group of businessmen got their start: in 1912 three Italian friends began making macaroni here - they called their company Prince Pasta.

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September 14, 2010

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