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95th Street Bridge

This urban drawbridge gained eternal pop culture fame when the Blues Brothers jumped it while it was raised. 


Located near the Calumet Fisheries, Chicago’s 95th street bridge would seem to be just another purpose built industrial span, but thanks to an iconic automobile jump across the bridges raised sections in the cinematic masterpiece The Blues Brothers, the metal mesh bridge is now informally named after the characters. 

In the beginning of The Blues Brothers, Jake Blues (played by John Belushi) is released from prison only to be picked up by his brother Elwood (played by Dan Aykroyd) in a refitted police cruiser. Having just left a penitentiary Jake is understandably non-plussed by the new “Bluesmobile.” However the more gearheaded Elwood assures him that the car has more than enough muscle. As they approach traffic at the foot of the 95th street bridge caused as the span is raising its sections for boat passage, Elwood decides to prove just how powerful the new Bluesmobile really is. Gunning the engine, the brothers drive straight at the bridge using it as a ramp to jump the vehicle (hilariously unrealistically) across the gap. The car lands on the opposite side and the Blues Brothers are off on their mission from God.

Today there is no plaque or commemorative markings, however the eatery at the adjacent Calumet Fishery displays photos of the film shoot. The bridge can still be driven across, but fans of the film are not encouraged to try the jump themselves. No matter how much Blusemobile they have under the hood. 

Know Before You Go

Parking is curbside by the fishery.

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