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007 Museum-Nybro

Södra Nybro, Sweden

Believed to be the first museum dedicated to the films in the world.  


James Bond has been one of the most well-known fictional characters within the movie industry for decades with names like Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig portraying the MI6 agent with a license to kill.

Gunnar Schäfer, the man behind the 007 Museum, has been a collector of James Bond-related items since the 1980s. It all started as a way to handle the loss of his father, a man who fought during World War II just like the man behind James Bond, Ian Fleming. Schäfer imagined his father living the life of a secret agent and soon his interest grew.

Once his collection of 007 memorabilia had grown, Schäfer realized there were no permanent exhibitions of 007 memorabilia in the world and decided to open his museum. In 2007, he even formally changed his name to Gunnar Bond James Schäfer.

The 007 Museum in Nybro features a vast collection of 007 memorabilia and actual props from recordings of the films, one of them being the hovercraft used in the making of Die Another Day from 2002. 

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The 007 Museum is located in the town of Nybro in southern Sweden.

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