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A Dozen Places Around the Country to Find That Perfect, Peculiar Gift

Treat yourself, too, with a visit to these odd shops.

Technology has taken a bit of the chaos out of Black Friday for many in the United States, but there’s still something to doing your holiday shopping in person. The key, for us, is to find places with gifts that you’re just not going to find anywhere else—and where the shopping experience itself is unforgettable. Atlas Obscura has a wealth of places around the country to find a truly one-of-a-kind gift this year. 

Box SF-Historic Pressroom and Mercantile in San Francisco offers an opportunity to find something distinctive for the antique-lover in your life. Around 15 million items are for sale, all housed in the former home of the San Francisco Examiner, from original prints from the 18th century to games and toys. In Moab, Utah, is a store that is an amateur geologist’s dream. The Moab Rock Shop, first established in 1960, features an array of dinosaur fossils, rocks, and minerals, as well as meteorite bits and other rare specimens, all within an affordable price range. From a 45,000-square-foot warehouse filled with comics and action figures to a collection of circus memorabilia, here are some of our favorite places to find something weird for that person who has everything.