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11 Homes Transformed Into Amazing Mosaics

If you own your property, why not bedazzle it?

The art of mosaic making, which has endured for more than 2,000 years, can clearly be addictive. It draws people in with its versatility and ease, and soon every brightly colored piece of glass or uniquely shaped bit of broken crockery becomes the latest addition to an ever-growing canvas.

Sometimes, mosaic mania becomes a home makeover. Scattered around the globe are unique private homes whose occupants were inspired to cover walls and surfaces with shimmering fragments of glass, tile, shells, mirrors, and nearly any other material they could find. These properties became continuously evolving and living works of art, entire homes with intricate motifs and wondrous patterns. Below are 11 places where mosaic obsession took over and the result is a pastiche wonderland.