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8 Memorable Museums in Los Angeles

From the history of African American firefighters to zoology, L.A. has you covered.

Ever since it was settled by Indigenous Californian tribes like the Chumash and Tongva thousands of years ago, Los Angeles has been a cultural oasis, filled with history making residents who helped change the world. Lucky for us, there are many museums in LA that celebrate the city’s rich and ongoing story. 

If naval history is your thing, be sure to visit the historic waterfront fort which protected the harbor of Los Angeles during World War One. Or if architecture is more your bag, be sure to make a trip to the living history museum which features a street showcasing spectacular examples of Los Angeles architecture from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Looking for Hollywood history? Go back in time to the historic barn where Cecil B. DeMille produced The Squaw Man, the first feature length film to be shot in Southern California. Everywhere you look in Los Angeles, history is just a heartbeat away. 

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