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11 Signs That Capture Pure Americana

From a giant lollipop-wielding clown to the original Taco Bell sign.

Any road trip across the United States will yield copious amounts of wonder in the form of roadside attractions, many of which stand as pristine examples of Americana. Many of the marquees and signs have been catching the eyes of passersby for decades, a testament to the resilience of steel and a little bit of kitsch. Others dazzle as neon showcases that illuminate an evening cityscape. 

Overlooking Virginia Street in Reno, Nevada, stands a massive clown known as “Topsy.” The 127-foot tall, 44-ton neon clown has been greeting visitors to the Circus Circus motel since 1978 and even survived a massive storm that threatened to topple the titanic jester. In Marfa, Texas, the Stardust Motel Sign stands out against the night sky. While the motel the sign once advertised has been long demolished, the sign stands as an artistic symbol of the city.

From a former amusement park sign that now stands at a library to a brilliant neon dragon, here are 11 signs that capture a sense of Americana.