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7 Unusual Dining Spots in Colorado

History, innovation, and elevation come together to create some unexpected eateries across the Centennial State.

If you know where to look, the Centennial State is packed with fascinating places to eat and drink.

Take a thrilling drive up Pikes Peak to enjoy breathtaking vistas and one-of-a-kind donuts from what may be the country’s highest-altitude deep fryer. Grab a prime rib in a 130-year-old hotel built for silver miners or try finding the secret Prohibition-era liquor caches built into the walls and staircases. Eat in a Boeing tanker-turned-restaurant, or a mortuary-turned-food hall for a unique dining experience. Get coffee in a historic diner shipped in from New Jersey, or sip tea in a hand-made teahouse flown in from Tajikistan. It’s all here in Colorado, and it’s all here on this list. 

So get out there and hike, kayak, ski, bike, and climb to your heart’s desire—when you get hungry, you’ll know just where to go.