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Pops' Root Beer Bread Pudding

This Route 66 institution goes the extra mile for soda-based indulgence.

Driving through the tiny town of Arcadia, Oklahoma, just a half-hour north of Oklahoma City, no passenger can miss the sign for Pops. Nestled along Route 66, the roadside restaurant and gas station sells around 700 kinds of soda, arranged by color. Out front, a 66-foot-tall soda bottle statue provides a tip-off regarding what’s in store for customers. At night, LEDs illuminate the structure, turning it into a beacon of light that harkens back to the days when this legendary route was dotted with neon.

Travelers who find themselves drawn in by the splendid display will discover more than just pop inside. Waitresses bustle around in its diner, complete with an old-fashioned soda fountain. Though patrons are welcome to order a proper meal, the diner’s claim to fame is their root beer bread pudding. Pops makes a steaming slice of not-too-sweet, yeasty pudding studded with plump raisins, then douses the creation in house-made root beer and white chocolate sauces. Wash it down with any of their hundreds of sodas (several of which they serve on tap, in bottomless cups) for the ultimate sugar high.

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