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Pinch 'n' Sip

At a subterranean Edinburgh bar, drinkers can assemble their cocktails via kitschy claw machine.

At Hoot the Redeemer, a subterranean bar in Edinburgh, alcohol comes in many festive forms. Amidst the 1950s-themed decor, sweet-toothed patrons spoon boozy ice cream straight from the carton. Competitive drinkers play board games on the backs of menus. And arcade gamers can win a bespoke cocktail made with ingredients determined by the scoop of a claw machine.

The coin-operated machine is known as the Pinch ’n’ Sip. Drinkers maneuver the claw via joystick, aiming for desired flavors, represented by plastic balls labeled with images of ingredients such as vanilla, raspberry, or passion fruit. Though a bit of skill is helpful, Hoot’s website suggests that all users are at the mercy of the machine’s “cocktail genie,” also named Pinch.

Once players acquire two flavor balls, they bring their winnings over to the bartender to mix up a cocktail based on those ingredients. At that point, it’s dealer’s choice.

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