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Moroccan Camel Burgers

Journey into the Marrakesh Kasbah to find this lean, slightly sweet favorite.

A 20-minute walk from the famous Jemaa el-Fna night market, the bustling Marrakesh Kasbah offers up amazingly aromatic and savory dishes. Within these palm tree–lined alleyways, you’ll find tradition melding with modernity through a unique, slightly sweet dish: the camel burger.

While Moroccans specialize in heavily spiced and savory food, the extremely lean camel burger is considered to have a subtle, sweetish flavor, akin to lamb. Some tout camel meat’s health benefits, as it is said to be low in fat. However, you can find burgers that incorporate additional hump fat for a richer experience. Typically, camel meat is considered much more desirable if it comes from a young calf, as the meat from an older camel can become tough and gamey.

While camel burgers are typically served up with Western condiments, don’t be afraid to add more Moroccan flavor with olives or halloumi cheese.

Where to Try It
  • You'll find this unique establishment in the center of the Marrakesh Kasbah, where they specialize in food, music, art, and the exploration of traditional Moroccan culture. Highlights from the menu include camel burgers and almond milkshakes; there are also plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians.