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Chocolate-covered cheese curds make sweet Estonian energy bars.

Estonians can waltz into almost any grocery store and grab a cold kohuke from the refrigerated dairy aisle. This local favorite roughly translates to “little curd” and is made of pressed cheese coated in a sweet glaze. In its classic form, kohuke is reminiscent of a chocolate-covered vanilla cheesecake bar.

These confections debuted during the Soviet regime, a time when they were particularly coveted. In the 1950s, they disappeared from the shelves. This was due not only to food shortages, but also as a result of their popularity. Today, Baltic residents choose from flavors such as berry, chocolate, coconut, kiwi, and even bread (fans say the lattermost option has a more biscuit-y flavor).

Chocolate-covered curd bars are popular in other eastern European nations, as well. Groceries sell the sweet treats packaged individually, which make them great as a grab-and-go snack. Estonians treat them like energy bars that just happen to taste like cheesecake.

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