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“And eggs are open in the twinkling of an eye.”

In German, eierschale means “eggshell,” sollbruchstelle means “predetermined breaking point,” and verursacher means “cause.” As such, there’s no better name for a tool designed to crack an eggshell at its predetermined breaking point than an eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher.

The device consists of an egg cap attached to the end of a rod that runs through the center of a sliding stainless steel ball. The kitchen gadget’s package describes the exacting science behind its effectiveness:

German engineers have calculated the exact weight of the plunger necessary to make the perfect crack without destroying the egg. The 70g stainless steel ball takes 0.181 seconds to fall down the 16cm shaft, attaining a velocity of 1.77 meters per second, exerting a force on the stainless steel bell-shaped part of 0.6867 Newtons. This is just the right amount of force to cut a perfect ring around the top of the egg, without damaging the rest of the eggshell.

As novel as the device may seem, a traditional German breakfast is incomplete without a soft-boiled egg in a small cup. Users simply place the rounded cap on top of their target. Then, they lift the round ball weight, let it drop, and wait for the “clack!” As the diner removes the metal cap, the perfectly-cut shell lifts away along with it. One first-time user likened the cracker’s effect on their egg to the appearance of laser-cutting. And the company itself proudly declares that once you hear the clack, “eggs are open in the twinkling of an eye.” How could anyone write off a frivolous tool that does such a perfect job? 

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