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Chocolate Daisy

This wildflower releases a cocoa fragrance each morning.

If Willy Wonka were pushing up daisies, they would be of the Berlandiera lyrata variety. This yellow blossom (which is actually a species of sunflower) produces a heady aroma that smells distinctly of chocolate.

Locals in the American Southwest and Mexico have likely seen fields of these vibrant wildflowers glinting in the sun. And though the plant is native to this region, it can thrive in other areas with similar terrain. Because the flower blooms at night, passersby will notice the rich fragrance in the morning. But as the desert sun rises, Berlandiera lyrata’s petals start to close and the aroma dissipates. Nonetheless, there’s still a way to get your chocolate fix: The daisy’s stamens are edible and, despite being somewhat bitter, taste like unsweetened cocoa.

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