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Chicken Rice Gelato

The savory, spiced flavor celebrates one of Singapore’s favorite dishes.

Every August 9, when Singapore celebrates the day it became a sovereign state in 1965, you can be sure local favorites are on the menu. And no National Day spread is complete without Hainanese chicken rice, a savory dish consisting of boiled chicken, broth-flavored rice, and soup. Though the meal originated on the Chinese island of Hainan, it’s become a staple in Singaporean cuisine.

A local gelateria took their love for the dish to a new level by releasing a chicken rice-flavored gelato in honor of National Day. The savory, spiced flavor has hints of chicken, chili, and cilantro, with actual bits of rice adding some crunch. 

Even before you take a bite, the flavor’s poultry roots are clear. The gelato’s appearance mimics a bowl of chicken soup, from its yellow-broth tint right down to the bird that comes on its lid.

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