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Canned Dashimaki

These sweet and savory Japanese rolled eggs are sold in 6-packs.

Dashimaki, a beloved Japanese rolled egg dish, strikes a delicate balance of sweet, savory, and umami. To craft this complex omelet, eggs are first mixed with dashi (the stock commonly found in miso broth), mirin (a sweet rice wine vinegar), soy sauce, salt, and sugar. The mixture is then poured into a hot, oiled pan in intervals, rolling the eggs with each added layer. Portioned into thick, fluffy slices, dashimaki is often served as a morning meal or a sushi side. But, thanks to the Japanese chain, Mr. Kanso, it can also be eaten straight from a can.

Mr. Kanso, it turns out, is the place to go if you enjoy treating yourself to tins. With over 45 locations in Japan, the bar and restaurant boasts hundreds of menu items—all of which come in a can. From sea lion curry to steamed Korean silkworm chrysalis, tinned treasures abound. But none is more beloved, perhaps, than the Japanese rolled egg dish.

Mr. Kanso’s canned iteration of dashimaki offers a surefire way to eat these ready-made rolled eggs anywhere, anytime. Peel off the top lid, and you’ll see the familiar, pale yellow wedges peeking out from a glimmering pool of the sweet stock. While it may not be freshly made, it’s packed with bonito and kelp to ensure maximum flavor. Plus, it has a shelf-life of three years—all the more reason to stock up by ordering a six-pack (or several) online.

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