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Bolo Lêvedo

Portugal's volcanic archipelago is home to addictively sweet and chewy muffins.

Visitors flock to the Azores archipelago off Portugal’s coast in search of pristine natural beauty. The town of Furnas on Sao Miguel, one of nine major Azorean islands, is known for two things. Travelers from around the world sojourn to this volcanic hotspot to bask in the natural springs. They also take to the bolo lêvedo pretty quickly.

This local specialty is one of the few distinct foods to come out of the Azores. Bakers across the island fashion these versatile muffins to resemble bigger, sweeter, chewier cousins of the English muffin. Restaurants sandwich seasoned Azorean steak or hamburgers between a sliced bolo lêvedo, while families buy bags fresh from the bakery to enjoy with jam and cheese at breakfast. Beloved by residents and visitors alike, they should come with a warning: As one local attested, the more frequently you enjoy these round muffins, the more likely you are to begin looking like them.

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