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Motiv Zuckerl

These detailed, dainty confections are made by hand with minimal tools.

Maria Scholz and Chris Mayer fashion dainty confections known as Motiv Zuckerl, or Austrian rock candy, by hand. A far cry from what some countries call rock candy (in the United States, for example, the term applies to a wooden stick enshrouded in a lump of rock sugar, primed for beverage-swizzling), these detail-oriented sweets are a labor of love.

After visiting a Swedish candy factory, Scholz and Mayer fell in love with candy-making and opened their own factory, Zuckerl Werkstatt, in Vienna in 2013. Employees use minimal tools (scissors, a spatula, a spoon, a brush, and a hook) for whipping air into the mass of sugar, creating stunning candies that contain up to 80 layers. Motiv Zuckerl come in various flavors and designs, ranging from printed sayings to colorful fruit. And the artwork isn’t just for aesthetic. Each fruit-branded candy really is the same flavor as whatever image graces its surface.

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