The world can be a dark and mysterious place, with secrets and wonders both glorious and terrible. It’s also a place where a squirrel can be given a little mini ice cream cone every day.

Fantasy Isle Ice Cream & Mini Golf in Harbor in Holden Beach, North Carolina has attracted a loyal squirrel, that they named Putter, who seems to have a taste for ice cream. Each day, according to The News & Observer, the hungry little squirrel comes down out the tree it lives in above the shop, and is presented with a tiny scoop of ice cream on a tiny cone.

Putter seems to prefer vanilla or no-sugar varieties, and has been coming by every day for almost a year, since it first showed up last summer.

And while local wildlife experts are critical of feeding the wild squirrel since it can lead to an inability to fend for itself and an unhealthy comfort around humans, the owner of Fantasy Isle, Scott Martin, told The News & Observer that it’s too late to stop now.

“She’s already got the habit,” Martin said. “We are trying to control it, instead of her getting way too much food.”