Smoking is bad for you. You probably shouldn’t do it. You definitely shouldn’t attempt to convince your friends to do it. And under absolutely zero circumstances should you ever, ever force a chicken to do it.

Revelers at Stellenbosch University in South Africa learned this the hard way last weekend, when photos of someone sticking a cigarette in a rooster’s beak at a party made the rounds on social media. At least one (human) offender may face prosecution, News24 reports.

The party, which took place Saturday, February 18th, was put on by a school dorm called Helshoogte Residence. The hall’s emblem is a proud rooster, so they throw an annual “hoenderdag,” or “chicken day” celebration, Stellenbosch University spokesperson Martin Viljoen told News24.

According to Viljoen, hoenderdag does not generally feature actual chickens—it’s more of a food-stalls-and-DJs type of thing—but this year, an outsider brought along an impressionable rooster, and things got out of hand. Besides the smoking, a video shows the rooster being thrown high into the air, to an EDM beat.

The residency has publicly condemned the incident. A local animal welfare society filed a complaint with police, who have begun investigating, News24 reports.

As for the rooster, the animal welfare society says he was rescued by a bystander and is now “safe, happy and among other chickens.” They’re probably really into his cool, newly-raspy cock-a-doodle-doo.