In the Photo of the Week feature, we highlight an exceptionally amazing photograph submitted by an Atlas Obscura user.


Did you guys know that Atlas Obscura is all up on Instagram? We are always posting photos from our events and explorations, and we’d love to hear your comments and see your lovingly filtered snapshots as well. This week’s haunting pic of Germany’s abandoned Spreepark comes from the Instagram account of our very own writer, Ella Morton. She had this to say about her experience among the rotting rides:

“A friend and I sneaked into Spreepark, the Berlin amusement park that has been abandoned since 2002. As we approached the fenced-off perimeter, the large red Ferris wheel began rotating slowly, accompanied by an eerie squeal. We concluded it must be powered by the souls of murdered children. Undeterred, we hopped the fence and set about walking along roller coaster tracks, climbing inside the log ride mountain, and taking joyrides in pink mustache cars. Everything was overgrown and dilapidated and wonderful.”

SPREEPARK, Berlin, Germany

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