Look, we’re pretty strange around here. But this is to be celebrated. At Atlas Obscura, strange and wondrous is what we’re all about. This place is a welcoming hub for those of us who grew up feeling as though some of our hobbies and daydreams ought not to be talked about in the schoolyard.

As grown-up people of Atlas Obscura, we encourage and delight in each other’s passions, whether the passion be blimps, taxidermy, or edible insects. We have so much to learn from one another. And so much to talk about.

In this spirit, here are a few of the more notable things overheard in the office this year.

Ain't no party like an algae party.
Ain’t no party like an algae party.

“There’s an algae party at the library tomorrow night.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t able to dig up anyone who’s an expert on beetle mummification! As a consolation prize, I do have a super weird discovery about sperm.”

“Horse legs are fingers, that’s why they break so easily.”

“Can we finally build your pirate ship this holiday?”

“That saves us some money, and that extra money will go directly to booking snakes.”

Teeth Week!
Teeth Week!

“I would like every week to be Teeth Week.”

“Did we miss a random bone house?”

“Okay I really need to get rid of this helium tank.”

“He has a monkey automaton that actually smokes cigarettes.”

“May I trouble you to ask what species of cockroach you placed in my hand before dinner?”

“I’ve avoided getting into miniatures because I’m worried I’ll get too into miniatures.”

“I wanted to confirm that the hamburger-eating statue was real.”

Doll arms come in many variations.
Doll arms come in many variations.

“Anyone know where I can get some tiny doll arms? Just arms, no bodies.”

“Did you tell Frank no ayahuasca ceremony?”

“I will do anything for the fatberg shirt.”

“There is bioluminescent fungus involved, if that sweetens the deal at all.”

“Speaking of things that made me laugh really hard, let me show you this potato.”

“Also someone found a scalp on the beach.”

“Then we have cocktails with a half-hour of squid attack videos.”