For two decades, the owner of the Bonanza Steakhouse ran a popular restaurant in Saskatoon, Canada, and in all that time he was never curious enough about the unopened safe hidden in his building to go to the effort of finding out what’s inside.

But recently, the building was a destroyed in a fire, and the safe was liberated. Previously, it had been hidden beneath the floor of the women’s washroom. Once, that room had been the building’s office, and when it was converted to the bathroom the safe was basically abandoned. According to the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, the safe hasn’t been opened for about 40 years.

During the demolition of the damaged building, a contractor, Ryan Schwab, came across the safe, and he was possessed by the same instinct that most people confronted with an unopened mystery safe would have—he wanted to know what might be inside?

Schwab told CTVNews that he had a few leads on people who might be able to open it, although he does want to preserve it and install it in his own garage. Neither he nor the restaurant’s owner is expecting to find anything dramatic inside, but Schwab told CTV “that if he doesn’t show up to work next week, it’ll be a hint that he discovered gold nuggets inside the safe.”

We’re just relieved that someone is going to open a mystery safe after 40 years. (Dictate 246 of the Atlas Obscura code instructs that you should never let a mystery safe go unopened.)

Update, June 2018: In response to requests to follow up on this story, we are happy to report that the safe contained…Bonanza-branded keychains, still wrapped in plastic.