Moms have the best advice.
Moms have the best advice. Internet Archive Book Images

Did your mother ever tell you that your tongue would turn purple if you lied? Maybe she convinced you beyond a shadow of a doubt that carrots are candy, or spent years replacing your favorite stuffed animal so it seemed like it never got dirty or damaged. All of these are real examples of charming lies told by the moms of Atlas Obscura staffers, and in anticipation of Mother’s Day next Sunday, we’re collecting the false wisdom of moms all over the world.

Submit your own mom’s best white lie (and, if applicable, what happened when you found out the truth) via the form below and we’ll share our favorites in a special Mother’s Day round-up. Like your mother always told you, sharing a personal story with Atlas Obscura is good for your soul (no actual mothers were polled to verify this statement).

If you have a lie of your own to share, head over to our community forums and tell us about it!