Even if you're more of a Coke person, you have to admit, this sign is something else.
Even if you’re more of a Coke person, you have to admit, this sign is something else. SWF Photography/CC BY-SA 2.0

Looking across the water from Manhattan to the Long Island City neighborhood in Queens, you sure do crave a Pepsi. While the huge bottling plant that used to operate here is long gone, its monumental “Pepsi-Cola” sign remains. Today it’s more local icon than advertisement—the sign was granted landmark status in 2016.

All over the world, historic advertisements and signs have outlasted their original purpose and evolved into landmarks that are worth saving—and we want to hear about your favorites! St. Louis, Missouri, has its massive Amoco sign, which now sits atop a BP. Stockholm, Sweden, has held on to a giant neon toothbrush that once advertised Stomatol toothpaste. And in Boston, locals love their Citgo sign so much that they recently fought to save it.

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