Two young tiger cubs.
Two young tiger cubs. DNP-Freeland

The Indochinese tiger, a tiger subspecies native to southeast Asia, is a rarity in today’s world. There are fewer than 250 of them in the world, reports the BBC, and they’re endangered by poaching and habitat loss, as the forests they live in fall to logging and population pressures.

But a survey conducted with the support of conservation and anti-poaching groups has found a new population of Indochinese tigers in eastern Thailand—only the second known breeding population of these tigers in the world.

A mother tiger and her cub.
A mother tiger and her cub. DNP-Freeland

The survey used camera traps to document the tigers’ presence in one of Thailand’s national parks. The traps captured evidence of at least six cubs living there. It’s still a tiny population of tigers, but given the challenges these animals face, it’s incredible that they’re there at all.