Meet Charity, Perpetuation of Perfection. She’s a cow made out of solid chrome. She’s about twenty feet tall. Her neck is festooned with a sharp-looking garland of metal maple leaves. And she’s giving her new neighborhood, the Toronto suburb of Markham, something to chew on.

The bovine behemoth, which the CBC describes as “life-sized” and “raised two [stories] high on stilts,” is receiving a less-than-warm welcome from her new neighbors. “Many gathered this week to demand that the recently installed artwork be removed immediately,” the outlet reports.

Complaints focused on everything from its aesthetic (not “austere” enough) to the potential danger it poses to kids playing nearby. An 11-year-old neighborhood resident, Chloe, expressed a more specific beef: “I think it’s strange to see the cow’s butt every morning,” she told CBC News.

Charity, Perpetuation of Perfection—which is modeled after an award-winning local Holstein named Brookview Tony Charity—almost didn’t make it to Markham at all. A donor attempted to give the statue to the neighborhood way back in 2015, but the local public art committee turned it down. After the donor promised to pay for the statue’s maintenance and installation, the city council reversed that decision.

The ruminant resistance will have an opportunity to make their feelings known in a more official way at the next city council meeting, in September. In the meantime, they’ll have to learn to live with someone who’s a little different than they are.

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