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Cagliari, Italy

Wax Anatomy Museum at University of Cagliari

A collection of wax anatomy by the great sculptor Clemente Susini. 

Clemente Susini began working in a wax anatomical studio when he was only 19 years old. He wound up becoming the best wax anatomical modeler the world had ever known. The work in the Calagari museum consists mainly of his later models, which are considered to be some of his finest work.

The “Anatomical Venuses,” full-length nude women with their insides displayed to the world, are perhaps the most famous of the models. Susini’s models, painstaking to produce and incredibly fragile, can be seen in only a few other locations throughout the world, including La Specola Museum in Florence, the Semmelweis Museum in Budapest, and the Josephinum in Vienna.


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