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Pylon 9108

Fulda, Germany

Electricity pylon standing in the middle of a shelter. 


Part of the railway power lines in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland that supply electricity to the Muttenz-Haltingen line, Pylon 9108 is a traditional pylon - except it was built in a goods shelter at the Fulda railway station with a crossbar above the roof line. Pylon 9108 delivers 110 kV single-phase AC power to the railway.

Traditionally, power lines - and the pylons that support them - are kept away from most buildings, and certainly out of them. But there was no other location available to build 9108.

The railway line, which shouldn’t be confused with the wire strung directly above electric drive vehicles, provides power supply from substations. It’s mission is to keep the wiring short and to avoid unnecessary interference of electrical systems in the route area.

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