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Frankford Avenue Taco

When an ice cream shop and pizza parlor share a roof, mash-up magic happens.

When Pizza Brain, a pizza parlor-cum-museum, and Little Baby’s Ice Cream shop joined together in a shared space in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood, it was inevitable that their dairy delights would mingle. Now, in addition to sharing a roof, the two establishments share a dish: the Frankford Avenue Taco.

The “classic” Frankford Avenue Taco starts simple enough, with a slice of cheese pizza, sprinkled with a few tiny basil leaves. That’s when those who are ready to double-down on deliciousness walk over to Little Baby’s counter and order a scoop of their pizza-flavored ice cream. The unusual flavor features a Philly-style ice cream base (no eggs) that gets blended with tomato, basil, oregano, salt, and garlic.

Cup of ice cream in hand, eaters deck their slice with the scoop, and the cool, creamy mound begins to mingle with the gooey cheese. Why call it a taco? The easiest way to eat this messy combo is by folding the slice around the melting scoop, containing the goodness inside a basket of baked crust.

Those looking to go beyond the “classic” taco can mix and match infinite arrays of pizza-topping and ice cream flavor combos. With ice creams such as Maryland Barbecue, Jerk, and Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese, many of Little Baby’s flavors offer a promising complement to classic pizza toppings. But the sky’s the limit, and a sun-dried tomato and arugula pizza could easily make friends with a scoop of green-apple garlic or Earl Grey sriracha. But no matter how expansive your mind, once plopped on a pie, this taco has a serious time limit. Act quickly or your ’za scoop will become ’za goop.

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