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Great Wall of China Slide

Why walk on this historical site when you can zoom down instead? 


Millions of people dream of one day standing atop the Great Wall of China. But at the wall’s Mutianyu section, visitors have the opportunity to experience the world wonder in a much more thrilling way: by whizzing down it in a toboggan slide.

Though the majority of visitors to the famous edifice flock to the easily accessible Badaling segment, it’s worth driving just two hours north to Mutianyu. There, after ascending to the top of the Great Wall via gondola, chairlift, or foot, you can return to the base by zooming down a steep, zig-zagging slide, with views of the Great Wall along the way.

The ride, which runs adjacent to the wall, lasts about five minutes depending on how much you apply the brakes with the joystick attached to your cart. The average speed on the slide is 12 mph, although a few adrenaline junkies might reach much higher top speeds. It isn’t just for daredevils—celebrities like Michelle Obama and Peyton Manning have taken their turns on the slide, too.

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