Total Eclipse: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Festival of Science, Music, and Celestial Wonder. August 19–21, 2017 in Eastern Oregon.
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San Francisco, California

Crown & Crumpet

The tea room that pushed the boundaries of adorable straight into...we can't find the words
37.7856, -122.4306
Davis, California

Solar Intersections

Outsider art or homage to aliens?
38.5437, -121.7386
Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Woodland Chapel at Woodsgate

An ideal wedding spot that is almost too ideal
40.9689, -75.2006
Los Angeles, California

Synchronicity Space

An enchanted arts space which assumes infinite identities
34.0840, -118.2951
Los Angeles, California

Parkman Murals & Mosaics

These artworks take you traveling to mythical medieval Europe, the politicized grape fields of 1960s California, and deep below sea level
34.1704, -118.5867
Berkeley, California

Thornburg Village

A storybook European village in Berkeley
37.8771, -122.2656
Berkeley, California

Moe's Books

A shape-shifting buy-sell-trade bookstore, born to Beatnik Era spirit
37.8655, -122.2586
Saint Munditia, St. Peter's Kirche, Munchen
Munich, Germany

Jeweled skeleton of Saint Munditia

The patron saint of spinsters grasps a container of dried blood
48.1366, 11.5754
Sacramento, California

Sacramento Old City Cemetery

The capitol city's oldest existing cemetery
38.5621, -121.5012
Noni Olabisi. 1992.Inspired by the Rodney King Riots of 1992
Los Angeles, California

Autry National Center

Wild West history in Hollywood style
34.1474, -118.2823
Schwangau, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle

The fairy tale castle of the "fairy-tale king"
47.5574, 10.7495
Sacramento, California

Monkey Puzzle Tree

Puzzling...this tree looks like an assemblage of dismembered monkey limbs
38.5393, -121.5024
Los Angeles, California

Giant Scissors

Giant scissors seemingly stabbed into the side of a hair salon leave no question about the vocation of the owners
34.1820, -118.5911
San Jose, California

Santana Row Chess Plaza

A giant chess set, minus the psychedelic drug trip
37.3211, -121.9473
Los Angeles, California

Robinson's Liberty Bells

Large but largely ignored, these 42 life-size Liberty Bell replicas were a peculiar, unexplained feature on the facade of a Macy's department store
34.1814, -118.6050
Los Angeles, California

Candy Cane Lane

Come crisp December nights, this fairly plain neighborhood becomes a holiday dream world
34.1794, -118.5657
Los Angeles, California

My Brother's Bar-B-Q Cow

A cow in the road might subvert the flow of traffic but this one's above it all, quite literally
34.1672, -118.5945
Topanga, California

Great Wall of Topanga

You don't want to get caught in this trap--or do you?
34.1062, -118.5917
The barn where Mr. Ed was born.
Los Angeles, California

Mr. Ed's Birthplace

A classic American barn that saw the birth of a classic American television star
34.2577, -118.6079
Calabasas, California

Malibu Hindu Temple

A glittering South Asian anomaly in a wealthy Los Angeles suburb
34.0954, -118.7092
Los Angeles, California

The Happy Foot/Sad Foot Sign

A cult following celebrates the legend that belies this curious podiatrists' office sign which has worked its way into song, literature, animation, and the visual arts
34.0809, -118.2707
Woodland, California

Yolo Wool Mill

Wool processing mill in an unlikely location
38.6190, -121.7396
Los Angeles, California

Pink's Hot Dogs

World-famous, Pink's still manages to keep its prized cult fetish status
34.0840, -118.3444
Davis, California

Bohart Museum of Entomology

This museum boasts the ninth-largest collection of insects in North America
38.5354, -121.7527