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Jul 28


The 100-Inch Hooker Telescope

Join us at the birthplace of modern astronomy as we gaze through the same telescope used by Edwin Hubble to discover that the universe is expanding.
Jul 29

Los Angeles, California

Exploring Evergreen Cemetery

Explore one of L.A.'s oldest and most diverse graveyards, tucked away in Boyle Heights.
Fletcher Bowron Square
Jul 30

Los Angeles, California

The Triforium: Interactive Art Gone Awry

Or, the story of a disco spaceship gone dark.
Mammoth skull donated to the Adventurer's Club in 1925 by club member Joseph Chilberg
Aug 5

Los Angeles, California

Excursion to the Adventurers' Club

Hidden above a drug store on a nondescript corner of Lincoln Heights is a private gentlemen's club for intrepid explorers.
Aug 5

Downey, California

Cradle of the Cosmic Age

Are you ready for some seriously stellar stuff?
Aug 6

Los Angeles, California

Secret Japanese Village

Step inside the private collection of fashion designer Peter Lai.
Aug 6

Culver City, California

The Magic of Stop Motion & Live Action Animation

It's more than playing with dolls.
Miradero Gates
Aug 12

Glendale, California

The Strange Life of Glendale's First Family

Dive into the history of this eccentric Edwardian estate.
automatic press
Aug 12

North Hollywood, California

Screen Time at The Print Lab

A custom garment printing demonstration & workshop.
MacArthur Park, 2001
Aug 13

Los Angeles, California

MacArthur Park

Experience an afternoon of historic architecture, forgotten public art, and hidden history.
Old Zoo
Aug 26

Los Angeles, California

Abandoned Zoo Ruins

Roam the grounds of L.A.'s old zoo, former home of Ivan the Terrible.
Juice Magazine and Cartwheel Art tours! Jeff Ho, Buddy N Bettie, Cindy Schwarzstein, Dan Levy, and Michael Torquato DeNicola
Aug 27


Venice Beach: Dogtown

Explore the radical roots of skate, surf, and street art culture in Venice Beach with Atlas Obscura and Cartwheel Art Tours.

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