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Roosevelt Island Today
Mar 25
Washington, D.C.

Stranded on Roosevelt Island

Go back in time as we take a hike through the forgotten and explosive history of Theodore Roosevelt Island.
Mar 25

Geheimtour! The Hidden Rooms of DANK Haus Chicago

A history lecture & behind-the-scenes tour of Chicago’s German-American cultural center.
Fin Art by Martin Puryear
Mar 25
Seattle, Washington

Sculpture Stroll: Fins, Sound Garden, and the Artworks of Magnuson Park

Venture out on a one-of-a-kind art walk through fins, bridges, knolls, and musical sculptures.
Mar 30
Washington, D.C.

The Tunnels & Trapdoors of Tudor Place

Join us for an unprecedented underground look into a Tudor Place the public never sees.
Mar 31
Tambopata, Peru

Expedition Amazon

Alongside Atlas Obscura and our expert guides, come experience rare wildlife and conservation biology on this adventure deep into the jungle.
An Uzbek Food Spread
Apr 1
New York, New York

Immersive Cultural Cooking Exploration

Learn the secrets behind Trinidadian, Uzbek, and Lebanese cooking in a six-part series, taught by immigrants in their own neighborhoods and homes.
Apr 1
Queens, New York

Trinidadian Culinary Immersion in Queens

Explore the international tastes of New York City with a unique hands-on experience lead by a Trinidadian immigrant and Queens resident.
Gondolas in Venice Canal, Venice, California
Apr 1
Venice, CA

A Seaside Crawl of Kinetic Art & Antique Amusements

Discover the forgotten beach bohemia of Abbot Kinney.
Apr 1

A (Totally Fake) Tour of Chicago

An April Fool's Reinvention of Chicago History.
Apr 1
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Devil in Me

A dark history of serial murder in Philadelphia.
Circa 1987
Apr 1
Los Angeles, California

A Night on the Battleship

Spend the night on the USS Iowa, the last of the battleships.
Apr 2
Glendale, California

Forest Lawn: Eden on Earth

Spend an afternoon in eternity.
Apr 6
Culver City, California

Celebrating The Art of Protest

Explore a unique collection of graphic activism.
Tunnel south entrance view
Apr 7
Seattle, Washington

The Past, Present and Future of the Alaskan Way Viaduct

Learn the stories behind the historic replacement of Seattle's love-it-or-hate-it elevated highway on this walking-and-talking tour.
Souvenir Map, 1893
Apr 7
Chicago, Illinois

Glitz, Glamour…and Panic! A Hunt for the History of 1893 in Chicago

A "Google-proof," history-themed scavenger hunt in the Loop.
Ink sketch of young George Washington surveying the area around the Popes Creek plantation.
Apr 8
Alexandria, Virginia

Surveying Like George Washington

Join us for a guided walking tour of Alexandria through the eyes of our first president, where as a teenager he worked as a surveyor.
Apr 8
Shoreline, Washington

Muscle Cars and Memorabilia

Join us for a visit with champion racecar driver Al Young and a tour of his Mopar muscle cars and drag racing memorabilia.
Apr 8
Venice, California

The Mosaic Tile House

Explore a Rainbow-hued local gem in Venice.
Apr 9

If You Could Talk to the Animals

Join us as we walk & talk with the critters of Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary.
Detail of 1869 map, encompassing Williamsburg, E. Williamsburg and Bushwick.
Apr 9
Brooklyn, New York

History Hiding in Plain Sight: Bushwick Scavenger Hunt

Unearth the hidden treasures of Bushwick and navigate historic cartography through an imaginative scavenger hunt.
Apr 9

Mechanical Music

Learn about the history of mechanical music and how musical boxes work in this hands-on mini-workshop with Antiquarian Horologist Nico Cox.
California Quail
Apr 15
Tujunga, California

Investigating Flora and Fauna in a Secret Native Garden

Where creatures and California native plants collide.
Apr 15
Chicago, Illinois

'The Raven' Silent Film Viewing at Essanay Studio

A 1915 silent film loosely based on the life of Edgar Allen Poe.
Apr 16
Los Angeles, California

Secret Japanese Village

Step inside the private collection of fashion designer Peter Lai.
Apr 17
New York, New York

An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders

Join authors Dylan Thuras & Ella Morton at the New York Public Library for a presentation of highlights from the Atlas Obscura book!
John Gaughan's Turk
Apr 20
Atwater Village, California

Meet the Turk, the Automaton Chess Player

An evening with one of the most controversial figures of the 19th century, and with the man who brought him back to life.
Officers' Row
Apr 22

Exploring Historic Fort Lawton

Learn about the history, architecture, and the unique stories of some of its colorful inhabitants, as we walk through Fort Lawton and visit its cemetery and historic structures.
Apr 23
Chatsworth, California

Antiquity in the Valley

Explore two jewels of the San Fernando Valley: the Valley Relics Museum and Royce’s Arcade Warehouse.
Apr 26
Havana, Cuba

Hidden Havana

Imagine yourself on a rooftop terrace in Old Havana with an inquisitive and adventurous group of new Atlas Obscura friends, enjoying incredible surroundings, listening to jazz and rumba, and reflecting on Cuba's remarkable history and fascinating future.
Colours and mediums for painting on glass
Apr 28
Chicago, united states

Solstice Stained Glass Studio Tour

A look into the past, present, and future of architectural glazing, fabrication and restoration.
Lady of the Lake Statue
Apr 29
Los Angeles, California

Uncovering Echo Park

Discover the hidden history of one of LA's trendiest neighborhoods.
Apr 30
Brooklyn, New York

Uzbek Culinary Immersion in Brooklyn

Explore the international tastes of New York City with a unique, hands-on experience, lead by an Uzbek immigrant and Brooklyn resident.
The statue of Charles Wicker in Wicker Park
Apr 30

Mansions, Merchants & Mystery: Hunting for the History of Wicker Park

Our newest “Google-proof” scavenger hunt, set in Chicago’s Wicker Park.
Apr 30
Los Angeles, California

Heritage Square Twilight Tour

A rare evening stroll through the living history of Victorian-era Southern California.
Bouquet from Thatch Floral
May 7
Seattle, Washington

Creative Floristry with Thatch Floral

Explore the art of floral arrangement with daughter-mother designers Sara Jane Camacho and farmer-florist Sara Brown.
May 25
Berlin, Germany

Unlocking Berlin's Wunderkammer

From arthouses to anatomy theaters, medical museums to Monster Kabinetts, this eclectic capital city holds so much in store. Explore the nooks and crannies of Berlin with Atlas Obscura.
May 27
Brooklyn, New York

Lebanese Culinary Immersion in Brooklyn

Explore the international tastes of New York City with a unique, hands-on experience, lead by a Lebanese immigrant and Brooklyn resident.
May 27
Santa Monica, California

Church of Type

Discover a treasure trove of typography, tools, and techniques.
May 27

The 100-Inch Hooker Telescope

Join us at the birthplace of modern astronomy as we gaze through the same telescope used by Edwin Hubble to discover that the universe is expanding.
Cardboard automata
Jun 11
Seattle, Washington

Cardboard Automata: Toy-Making Workshop

Join Nico Cox for a unique afternoon of mechanical toy-making.
Jun 23

Music and Medinas of Morocco

Explore decaying fortresses and ancient city ruins, get lost in maze-like medinas, and sleep among sand dunes under the stars. Join Atlas Obscura for a whirlwind week of adventure across Morocco’s spectacular and sprawling terrain.
Jul 10
Venice, Italy

Hidden Venice with a Psycho-Mambo Twist

Explore abandoned islands by day and enjoy musical revelries by night in the entourage of brass band Gato Loto. This unique Atlas Obscura experience will be filled with fresh food, constant dancing, and the dazzling Redentore Festival.
Adams Theatre, Newark, NJ
Mar 21
New York, New York

After the Final Curtain

Explore the fall of the American movie theater with photographer Matt Lambros.
MacArthur Park, 2001
Mar 19
Los Angeles, California

MacArthur Park

Experience an afternoon of historic architecture, forgotten public art, and hidden history.
A gathering of bollards in Los Angeles
Mar 19
Los Angeles, California

Hunting Bollards in the Wild

What are bollards, and why are they so beautiful?
Mar 18
Culver City, California

Puppets, Dolls, and the Magic of Stop Motion

Where barbies are brought to life.
Mar 18
Woodinville, Washington

Covington Cellars Wine Tour

Join us for a private tour and in-depth discussion about the artful craft of winemaking, from vine to bottle.
Our hosts, Ryan Matthew Cohn & his wife Regina
Mar 12
Brooklyn, New York

Oddities Flea Market

Come by the Brooklyn Bazaar for the first annual Oddities Flea Market!
Mar 11
Mojave, California

Goat Sanctuary & Vegan Farm

Meet a goat named Sausage and sample award winning vegan cheese.
Ruins of Seneca Quarry Stonecutting Mill
Mar 11
Poolesville, Maryland

The Ruins of Seneca Quarry

Join us for a guided hike through the ruins of a site whose history is intertwined with a presidential scandal and the Smithsonian Castle.
The Crocodile
Mar 10
Seattle, Washington

Grunge Redux: A Walk That Will Rock

Explore a Seattle scene worth remembering.
Mar 9
Brooklyn, New York


We're bringing the wonder of Atlas Obscura to the stage with another installment of our variety show!
Mar 9
Reykjavik, Iceland

Journey into Darkness: Iceland

Imagine yourself bundled up, swathed in total darkness—until the sky suddenly begins to glow in a bright watercolor display. The days will only last six hours, but the nights are what we'll look forward to most. Join <em>Atlas Obscura</em> for the trip of a lifetime in a location like no other: a wintertime adventure in Iceland.
Mar 8
Pico Rivera, California

Behind-The-Scenes at Kater-Crafts Bookbinders

The age-old craft of bookbinding survives in the era of e-books.
New Radiance Corridor
Mar 5
Altadena, California

Mountain View Cemetery

Wind your way though a labyrinth of crypts, hallways filled with stained-glass, and tranquil gardens.
Mar 5
Brooklyn, New York

Rat Taxidermy with Afterlife Anatomy

Learn the principles and techniques of contemporary ethically-sourced taxidermy practice, as you complete your own beautiful piece of taxidermy.
Mar 4
Lombard, Illinois

A Stop on the Underground Railroad: Peck Homestead Tour

Come explore the oldest house in Lombard and explore its link to the Underground Railroad, regional genealogy, and Sheldon Peck’s art.
Mar 4
Lake Hughes, California

Playing With Wolves

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet and play with a pack of hybrid Alaskan Timber Wolves.