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Ross Creek at night
Canning, Canada

Ross Creek Centre for the Arts

A converted cattle farm is now a hub of art and theater surrounded by nature.
45.2219, -64.4373
The "Largest Ceilidh kok in the World."
Victoria Mines, Canada

World's Largest Fiddle

On the waterfront of Sydney, Nova Scotia, a 60-ft. fiddle greets incoming ships.
46.2528, -60.1808
The Moncton tidal bore laps the shore
Moncton, Canada

Moncton Tidal Bore

Twice a day, the water of the Petitcodiac River flows upstream in a surfable wave.
46.0896, -64.7712
Memorial to the Mary Celeste
Diligent River, Canada

Mary Celeste Monument

Commemoration of a sea voyage gone mysteriously wrong.
45.3547, -64.7152
Reversing Falls
Saint John, Canada

Reversing Falls

These powerful, if squat, Canadian waterfalls flow in different directions depending on the time of day.
45.2602, -66.0901
The Campbell House is better known by its nom de plume
Green Gables, Canada

Anne of Green Gables Museum

Go inside the house that inspired L. M. Montgomery to create one of literature's most beloved heroines.
46.5308, -63.5441
Hopewell Rocks, Flowerpots, between high and low tides
Hopewell Cape, Canada

Hopewell Rocks

Iconic rock formations that allow for exploration during high or low tide.
45.8262, -64.5737
Red sands
Breadalbane, Canada

Red Sands of Prince Edward Island

Rusty red sands line the shores of this Canadian Province.
46.3455, -63.4488
Toronto, Canada

CN Tower: The Tallest Metal Staircase on Earth

One of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World holds the world's tallest metal staircase.
43.6425, -79.3873
Louise Bourgeois' Spider. (Creative Commons)
Ottawa, Canada


Louise Bourgeois' 30-foot-tall steel spider sculpture.
45.4294, -75.6984