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Places visited in Murshidabad, India
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South Sikkim, India

Tashiding Monastery

Miraculous vase predicts the future at this Tibetan Buddhist site in the Himalayas.
Cherrapunjee, India


Known as the wettest place on earth.
Murshidabad, India

Namak Haram Deorhi

Known as the "Traitor's Gate."
Murshidabad, India

Katra Masjid

This 18th-century complex has served as a mosque, mausoleum, and one of the largest caravanserais in India.
Murshidabad, India

Hazarduari Palace

In the palace with a thousand doors, not all of them are guaranteed to lead you somewhere new.
Kolkata, India

Nahoum and Sons

This Jewish bakery, among the last in the region, sells legendary sweets from a century-old storefront.
Kolkata, India

South Park Street Cemetery

An eclectic mix of influences rot together in harmony in this India necropolis.
Kolkata, India

College Street

The world's largest secondhand book market is a haven for bibliophiles and bargain hunters.
Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg Castle

A castle from the Holy Roman Empire that hosts traveling youth... in its stables.
Munich, Germany

Wunden der Erinnerung (Wounds of Memory), LMU Library

The scars of World War II are preserved on its walls.
Munich, Germany


A fearsome dragon clings to a corner of Munich's city hall.
Munich, Germany


Daily jousts and dancing barrel makers in Munich's mechanical clock.