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Levashovo, Russia

Levashovo Memorial Cemetery

Pictures tacked onto trees remember the more than 40,000 of Stalin's victims buried here in mass graves.
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Lenin's Hut

A replica of the straw hut where Vladimir Lenin lived in hiding, disguised as a hay farmer, in 1917.
Suzdal', Russia

Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life

300-year-old villagers houses and traditional churches preserve a nearly lost piece of Russian history.
Moscow, Russia

Lenin Museum

One of the last examples of Soviet architectural propaganda has a few technological tricks up its sleeve.
Ivolginskiy datsan, Russia

Ivolginsky Datsan

The mummified remains of Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov, Russia's most important Buddhist.
Moscow, Russia

Arctic Siberian Campion Plant Revived

Russian researchers who have been excavating ancient squirrel burrows may have brought a 32,000-year-old plant back to life.
Moscow, Russia

Borodino Panorama

A 360 degree battlefield experience.
Saint Petersburg, Russia

F. M. Dostoyevsky Literary Memorial Museum

An ever-growing literary collection housed in the apartment where the Russian author penned his final novel.
Moscow, Russia

Aquarelle Train on The Moscow Metro

Museum design and public transportation meet in this unique Russian train car.
Evenkiysky District, Russia

Tunguska Event Epicenter

Site of the largest impact event to occur over land in Earth's recorded history.
Moscow, Russia


Former headquarters of the KGB.
Moscow, Russia

Fallen Monument Park

A sculpture park of the tossed aside relics of the USSR, from Stalin to a massive Soviet emblem.
Saint Petersburg, Russia


Peter the Great's enlightening collection of natural oddities.