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Kyoto, Japan

Original Nintendo Building

The first location of the eventual video game giant.
Tokyo, Japan

Jan Joosten Memorial

A commemoration of the first Dutchman to reach Japan, whose name still echoes in the heart of Tokyo.
Kyoto, Japan

Kimono Forest

An LED art installation composed of 600 poles wrapped in kimono fabric.
Kamishihoro, Japan

Taushubetsu River Bridge

An isolated "phantom bridge" doomed to crumble into ruin.
Kyoto, Japan


A small shrine dedicated to a god of lightning and electronics.
Iwakuni, Japan

Iwakuni Shirohebi Shrine

A shrine dedicated to the sacred white snakes of Iwakuni, whose albinism has been passed down for generations.
Toyoura, Japan

Koboro Station

Inaccessible by foot, Japan's most secluded train station sits in the middle of nowhere.
Osaka, Japan

Dotonbori Hotel Front Pillars

Surreal giant face-pillars welcome visitors from across the globe to this hotel.
Ichihara, Japan

'Toilet in Nature'

The "largest bathroom stall in the world" offers a unique pit-stop experience.
Kure, Japan

The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force Submarine Museum

"Excuse me sir, your submarine is blocking my building."
Kōchi-shi, Japan

Sawada Mansion

Though technically an illegal structure, this eclectic DIY apartment complex is beloved by its residents.
Takaoka, Japan

Takaoka Daibutsu: The Great Buddha of Takaoka

This giant bronze Buddha, the third largest in Japan, is the last in an ill-fated series of statues.
Tokyo, Japan


It's bad manners to eat and drink on the subways of Tokyo, unless the train is this bar.