Why Travel With Us - Atlas Obscura
Atlas Obscura trips bring the world’s hidden wonders to life.
Uncover Hidden Wonders
We travel to incredible places that others overlook, like a pinball paradise hidden in a Brooklyn laundromat or an abandoned saucer-shaped monument in the mountains of Bulgaria.
Without travelers like you, some of these places wouldn't exist.
Illustration of a person peeking out from the door of a brick building covered in plants.
Illustration of two people with designs of plants and buildings within their outlines.
Meet Locals and Insiders
Our global community of local experts grants you access to unique experiences and places, like one of the last civilian air raid shelters in Berlin.
Seeing the world through their lens brings more meaning to cultures and communities.
Travel With Purpose
We visit Redwood National Park to help biologists conduct research on bees. In the Scottish Highlands, we hone in on the history of tartan, the nation’s cultural icon.
We only plan trips to places where we can design purposeful ways for you to explore responsibly.
Illustration of a group of trees showing their roots extending into the ground.

Atlas Obscura Trips are designed to have a positive impact on you, the places you visit, and the people who live there.

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What Our Travelers Are Saying

An awesome, unusual trip. Something we'd never do on our own.
A once-in-a-lifetime adventure to places you've only read about or seen in documentaries.
I was beautifully bombarded with history, architecture, religion, art, politics, poetry, and meat every day.
Spotting an Andean Cock-of-the-Rock during one of our hikes was definitely a highlight for me!
Amazing opportunity to experience the rainforest with people who are knowledgeable about and who get truly excited by plants, animals, birds, insects and spiders; and who care deeply about conserving the environment and fragile ecosystems; and want to support sustainable practices around ecotourism.
Unique, exciting, educational, exhausting, fun, amazing.
One of the most memorable trips ever.
Peaceful, engaging, once-in-a-lifetime.
It was informative, fun, challenging, eye-opening, and a life-time experience.
Completely mindblowing and amazing.
An amazing and unusual variety of great experiences with adventurous co-travellers who made it all extra-special. Great food, too!